Fish Friars

Fish Friars

You and your family are invited to join your friends and other parishioners for a great meal and wonderful camaraderie.

During Lent, the Saint Peter Parish Fish Friars offer all of us the opportunity to enjoy a delicious fish dinner at a reasonable price in our school cafeteria. The cafeteria is located at 215 North Clay Ave., Kirkwood, Missouri (one block west of the train station and one block north).

During Lent, the dinners are prepared every Friday, except Friday, April 12 and Good Friday, from 4:30 to 7:00 P.M.

We offer free delivery to shut-ins WITHIN our parish boundaries.  Call 821-5219 between 4pm and 5pm.  Your meal will be delivered close to 5:30pm.

The dinners vary somewhat each time. Deep-fried cod, baked cod, and fried butterfly shrimp are always on the menu. In addition, the group prepares different specials each month/week. Several side dishes are also available, as are a selection of beverages and desserts.

We ask our parishioners to help us with our expenses by providing our desserts. Please check our bulletin on the Sunday before each Fish Fry for further information.

Your support of the St. Peter Parish Fish Fry helps to fund other parish activities and maintenance without using parish revenue.


St. Peter Fish Fry – 2019

Open 4:30pm to 7:00pm

We are located in Kirkwood, at 215 N. Clay Ave. in the St. Peter Catholic School dining hall: one block west, and one block north of the Kirkwood train station. Handicapped access is available from the Adams Ave. playground/parking lot. Enter through the doors at the bottom of the delivery ramp.


ADULT’S PLATE   choose 1  (or 2 half orders)                         $ 9.00

Choose From: Fried Gloucester Style Cod (2)
Oven Baked Cod (2)
Fried Butterfly Shrimp (6)

Adult’s Plate includes your choice of two side dishes, hushpuppies, French bread and butter, and all you care to drink.*           
Entrées are portioned for half orders of two choices.

CHILD’S PLATE    choose 1                                    $ 5.00

Choose From: Fried Gloucester Style Cod (1)

                        Grilled Cheese Sandwich

                          Fried Chicken Nuggets (6)

Child’s Plate includes two side dishes, hushpuppies, French bread and butter, and all you care to drink.*

SANDWICHES  Fried Cod on a Kaiser Roll or Grilled Cheese 

                          A la Carte                                   $ 3.00

                           Sandwich Dinner                        $ 5.00

Sandwich Dinner includes your choice of two side dishes, hushpuppies, French bread and butter, and all you care to drink.*

SIDE DISH CHOICES      choose 2  
French Fries          Green Beans           Slaw           Applesauce

Italian Tossed Salad             Macaroni & Cheese   

*Included Beverages:  Coffee, Lemon Drink, 1% Milk, or Iced Tea

12oz Soda                                                      $ 1.00

               Beer or Wine (to be consumed on premises only) $ 3.00 / $5.00   

SHRIMP COCKTAIL                                                     $ 6.00

Ten large shrimp with lemon wedge and cocktail sauce                

Extra Entrée                                                                  $ 6.00

Extra Fried Shrimp (per piece)                                     $ 1.00

Extra Side Dish                                                             $ 1.00

Desserts                                                                        $ 1.00

We provide free delivery to shut-ins within the parish boundaries.

Call 314-821-6219 between 4pm and 5pm to place your order.

Gift Certificates Available