Women's Prayer Groups


St. Peter Women's Prayer Groups


Mondays: Welcoming new members

Attendees: Gerri Meesey, Tina Doherty, Judy Maddock, Allison Ponitz, Patty Boyd, Kate Dalziel, Kelly Andel

We meet once a month in Gerri’s home, from 7:30-8:45pm, and then some of us attend the Divine Mercy Chaplet at St. Peter at 9pm.

We use the Cursillo Grouping format, sharing 3 categories you have experienced in the last month:

1) Holiness/prayer etc.

2) Study/books, movies, etc. that have been inspiring


We then pray for intentions; we have also studied the “Rediscover Jesus” book.

Every few months we have a pot luck meal.

Contact:Gerri Meesey 314-965-0592 or email: gerrimeesey@sbcglobal.net

Monday mixed gender evening group:
At capacity at this time

Attendees: Carole and Ray Wallace, Gloria Robbins, Tom Schindler, Suzanna Fox, Bernie and Betty Nordmann.

Our small faith group meets currently on alternating Monday nights at 7:30p alternating members homes and follow the Quest format.

Contact Gloria Robbins 314 965-7486 or Carole Wallace 314-966-0663.


Tuesday evening Faith based book club group: Welcoming new members

Attendees: Paula Anderson, Ann Buss, Elizabeth Cotton, Kate Dalziel, Elisa Doherty, Laura Greco, Malea Heller, Mary Anne Holdridge, Beth Hunt, Suzanna Jensen, Anne LaBarge, Kim Linhares, Charlie Lorms, Patty Loudenslager, Donna McCarthy, Sarah Padin Sauer, Lisa Timm, Chris Ruby-Ziegler, Mary Leahy, Christine Yust, Ann Buss, Erica McKeon, Mary O’Rourke, Mary Werner, Melissa Rolfes.

We meet the 4th Tuesday of every month at Dierbergs in the Mezzanine section from 7:30-about 9pm. We read a bible reflection and discussion

Contact: Beth Hunt 314-749-5362 or email: bethahunt@gmail.com.

Tuesday Couples Group

Attendees: Joe and Terry Booth, Gene and Nancy Iannotti, Craig and Delores Johler, Rich and Lil Klump, Peter and Mary Schmit, John and Kay Strebeck.

We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 7-9pm at Ursuline Hall. The 4th Tuesday of the month we have a social night with dinner at a local restaurant.

We have studied several video presentations from Fr. Robert Barron, Matthew Kelly, as well as a series on spiritual leaders and saints. During the summer we have taken “field trips” to local shrines, mass at different churches.

Contact: Nancy and Gene Iannotti 314-909-1513 or niannotti@att.net


Wednesday evening group/Sisters of Scripture and Service: Close to capacity

Attendees: Ann Geraty, Candy Behl, Bonnie Kreutz, Patti Hummel, Maureen Lorbert, Kay Strebeck, Kim Moore, Cheryl Flaherty, Mary McEvoy, Mary Raizman, Lynn Abeln Meyer, Laurie Coultrip, Lisa Herbig, Maureen Wessels, JoAnn Mattli, Mary Blumke, Janet Modde, Barb Thomas, Peggy Adams

We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. Social time begins at 6:30 pm, meeting starts at 7pm. We meet at the home of Patti Hummel. Each member suggests topics of interest and we collectively determine which topics to pursue to deepen our knowledge of scripture and faith. We also are committed to  service which varies according to the needs in our community.

Contact: Maureen Lorbert 314-780-6407 or momoxfour@yahoo.com

Wednesday evening group-
Welcoming new members

Attendees: Mary Lewis, Shayla O’Brien, Diana Allen, Paula Anderson, Carol Bernsen, Dolores Johler, Charlene Henke, Elizabeth Cotton, Julie Golomski, Kim Schlink, Jennifer Schaffer, Suazanna Jensen, Teri Appelbaum, Lisa Herbig, Kay Komotos, Terri Waters, Kathy O’Reilly, Martha Caldwell, Patty Bermeister, Lynnette Modder, Rachel Myers, Maria Snyder. Rosie Fischer, Mary Jo Hippe, Amy Lescher, Christy Ridenhour, Kristen Metz

We meet the 1st Wednesday of the month at the home of Mary Lewis from 6:45-9pm. Social time is from 6:45-7:30, meeting 7:30-9pm. We are currently studying scripture with time for prayer. We did a service project for Christmas, 2015 and plan to do service projects throughout the year.

Contact: Mary Lewis 314-878-1870 or 314-409-2042 or email mary.lewis.stl@gmail.com


Saturday Morning group-Welcoming new members

Attendees: Carole Bernsen, Mary Carol Schilli, Linda Doyle, Roe Monrotous, Joan Turnure, Charlene Henke, Kay Komotos, Eileen Weyerich, Ann Geraty, Delores Segal, Lisa Timm.

We meet at Ursuline Hall Library at 9am weekly. We have followed the Quest Booklet, each week studying scripture through reading and group discussion.

Contact: Carole Bernsen 314-965-0528 or cbernsen@cbgundaker.com

ACTS Women Reunion group-
Welcoming new members

Attendees: Any women who have attended an ACTS retreat

We meet the 1st Saturday of every month for 8:15 mass, then move to the library at Ursuline Hall for fellowship, scripture study, discussion and prayer.

After taking a break, we will start up beginning October 1, 2016.

Contact: Mary McEvoy 314-578-4262 or email:msmcevoy2@gmail.com