Bulletin Stuffers


Occasionally, extra informational flyers are inserted into the parish bulletins.  This is done on Friday mornings around 9 a.m. in church, in the room across from the Sacristy - about 4 people at a time are needed to assist. This committee also assists the parish office with parish-wide mailings.  This is done on a particular day of the week as requested by the parish office around 9 a.m. and is accomplished in the basement of the rectory - about 8 to 10 people at a time are needed to assist. 

Signing up for this ministry only obligates you to help out periodically.  Those who sign up for this ministry will be called by the ministry head when you are needed to assist with bulletins and mailings.

For more information, contact Debbie Bannes at 314-822-2090 or email dbannes@aol.com.