Pray With Us

We most often think of prayer as a petition - asking God for something. There are also prayers of adoration, intercession and thanksgiving. Prayer is man's search for God. In prayer, God engages our hearts.

Ways We Pray

  • Genneseret Meditation Garden is the prefect place to pray and begin or end your day. It is fully lit at night and is a great spot to enter into a quiet place "beyond the walls" where God dwells. 


Request A Prayer by Phone

Call (314) 966-8600

Join A Prayer Group

Prayer is an important element of our personal faith.  Throughout St. Peter a number of different groups gather at various times to pray, including those how pray for Pro-Life and other special focuses.  If you are interested in joining a prayer group or would like to start one, call (314) 822-1347 and ask for more information.

We ask that you include the St. Peter Parish Prayer to your daily prayers.  When we gather at parish events, meetings and at each of our daily and weekend Masses, we will say the prayer together.