PSR Registration

Enrollment Information

PSR 2018-19 ENROLLMENT BEGINS ONLINE Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 1:00 PM.

Enrollment deadline for the $50.00 discount concludes on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

PSR Online Registration will be using the same provider, EngageSports.

All data is collected online--no pen needed, no forms needed—no more emergency cards to fill out every year.

A hyperlink will be sent to you prior to April 22. You will need to access the enrollment site through the link and set up a user account.

You register each student individually. Much of the data uses pull-down menus to click on--choice of school attended, for example.

As promised, you can pay with credit card. At checkout, you choose either ONE PAYMENT (payment in full) or A DEPOSIT of $100.00 and a second final payment. If a deposit is paid, the balance is collected in a final payment 4-6 weeks later. An email is sent to notify you of the final transaction.

You enter your payment, credit card information. Stripe, Inc. is the processing provider for the enrollment site through Engage. No sensitive data is stored on the server, minimizing problems.

Please contact Msgr. Jack Costello (966-8600) or PSR Principal Susan Lueker  (821-0460 Ext. 4212) if you need tuition assistance. All inquiries will be handled confidentially.  

PSR faculty tuition will continue to be waived. Faculty will still need to enroll online, and will be provided with needed info to cover their tuition.