Volleyball Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration normally take place?
Registration is usually held simultaneously with soccer registration in the early summer.


When do we find out what team my child is on?
Early August.


When does the season usually start?
Early September. (Practices will start in August, games usually the Sunday after Labor Day).


When does the season usually end?
Before Thanksgiving (unless a team advances in the playoffs, then games could go into the second week of December)

How many matches can we expect to play?

When are matches played?
All Volleyball matches are played on Sundays.


What are the minimum playing time requirements?
Coaches are encouraged to balance playing time equally amongst all players, though playing time may occassionally be limited for disciplinary reasons. CYC requirements are that each player shall be present for at least one play in each game of each match.

What is a CYC player ID card, and who needs one?
All players in the 5th grade or above need a CYC ID card which is an ID card required by the St. Louis Catholic Youth Council for sports participation. Contact your coach or the Volleyball Director for information on where and when to obtain a card. The fee is usually $3.00. Any child playing soccer and volleyball will be required to have a card for each sport in season, thus two cards needed for Soccer/Volleyball as well as Baseball or Softball/Track.

Can my child trade teams with another player?
Not normally. Any situation that might make a fair trade necessary needs to be personally handled by the Volleyball Director prior to the start of a season.

How can I give feedback on my child's experience?
Attend and/or help with practices, attend games, maintain contact with your child’s coach.

How are the teams decided?
Teams are drawn from a hat for grades 3 and 4, split by ability grades 5-8. Initial split prior 5th grade season, teams re-evaluated prior to 7th grade season. An A team is established at each grade and remaining teams are formed as equally matched as possible per STPAA by-laws. Normally children of Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are placed on their parent’s team.

How can I become a coach?
Contact the Volleyball Director.

What are the minimum and maximum number of players on a team?
Our goal is 9 players per team. Minimum is 7, max for 2005 is 12. We will turn away children registering late if this causes a top heavy team and minimizes play time for those who registered on time.


What pieces of the uniform and equipment are provided, and what do I have to provide?
Uniforms (tops and shorts) are provided. Players need to purchase kneepads and have a good pair of athletic shoes.


What are the age brackets for each team?
Grade level play.


We just moved to St. Peter. The season has already started. Can we still join a team?
Maybe. Contact the Volleyball Director personally to discuss.


I understand there is an A-B split for older players. My child did not play last year during the evaluation period. How will my child be evaluated?
Your child will be evaluated at the next grade level evaluation. This is done in fairness to players who played during the evaluations.