Track and Field

Track and Field Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration normally take place?
Track registration usually is taken at the same time as Baseball/Softball registration, which is in late January.


When does the season usually start.
Track practice usually begins in early March.


When does the season usually end?
The Track season is a little different from other CYC sports. The St. Peter hosts a St. Peter only Track Meet in very late April. That concludes the track season for many of the participants. However, all who are interested in competing the City/County Championships are welcome to run in the Preliminary Track Meet, usually held in early May. All who qualify can then participate in the City/County Finals Track Meet in mid to late May.


Do we need a CYC ID card for Track?


How can I become a coach?
Contact the Track Director.


In which Age Group will my child compete?
The age of your child last June 30th dictates which age groups he or she will run in for this year's track season. If your child was 8 last June 30th, he or she will be in the 7/8 age group this track season even though they may be 9 right now.