St. Peter CYC Lacrosse Program 
Registration is open from January 1st - February 15th.


(5th/6th)  and (7th/8th) Grade

Boys and Girls

·        Consists – Four teams consisting of

o   5th and 6th grade girls and 7th and 8th grade girls.

o   5th and 6th grade boys and 7th and 8th grade boys.

·        Equipment  -

o   BOYS: Lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, arm pads, WHITE helmet, gloves, athletic supporter and mouth guard

o   GIRLS:  Lacrosse stick, Close fitting gloves, eye mask, and mouth guard.

·        Equipment cost: Total cost range from $200-$300.

·        Uniforms - St. Peter will provide reversible jerseys for both boys and girls. Player will be responsible for shorts and shoes (soccer cleats are acceptable)

·        Coaches - If you are interested at all in coaching please send a message to  Training will be provided but we are in need of coaches. At least 1 coach required per team.

·        Scoring - Scores are kept both for individual and teams.

·        Season- Season runs March-May (9 weeks for 8 Games) No Games Easter Weekend

·        Time Commitment

o   Games - Saturday and Sundays   

o   Practice -  1 practice each week, location and time TBD

·        Location

o    BOYS: DeSmet, Vianney, St. Marys, WCA grass and St. Albans

o   GIRLS: St.Albans, WCA, and Cor Jesu

·        IMPORTANT – We will have an educational Q and A session for parents

·        Registration Cost

o   St. Peter Parishioners - $70 first child, $60 second child, $45 third child

o   Non-Parishioners - $95 first child, $85 second child, $70 third child

If you have any questions please contact:

Paul Ardekani