Golf Event and Registration Details

St. Peter CYC Golf program 2018

Registration for Spring 2018 Golf will run from January 1, 2018 through February 15, 2018
Junior league: 
Dominic Orlando -

Training league: 

Training league
- 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls
- consists of 4 lessons and 2 scramble style rounds in late-April and May
- All play will be at Kirkwood Family Golf Center 
- Stp golf shirts are not necessary (but if you have one or want one, they can certainly be worn!!)
- we will need parent volunteers to walk for scramble rounds
- neither players nor parents will need to attend a rules seminar - only junior league players. 

Junior league 
- 5th - 8th grade boys and girls
- 4th graders with experience may play in junior league Please note, in most cases they will be competing against 5th graders. They are more than welcome to play in Junior league if they can handle the 2-hour rounds. 
- consists of THREE 90-minute lessons and SIX 9-hole rounds of golf competing against the other schools in the south central CYC region. 
- Scores are kept both for individual and teams. 
- Teams consist of 5-8 players. Boys and girls are separated. Grades are separated as best as possible but 4th, 5th and 6th grade will always stay together and 7th and 8th grade will stay together. 
- St. Peter Golf polos are required for play and can be purchased on registration site if shirt from last year doesn't fit or you don't have one. Hats are available too but not required. (They are the same shirts and hats used last year!)
- Each team will require a parent coordinator to volunteer and manage the schedule, players, scores, shirt distribution and team communication including course update, rainouts, etc.  Occasionally, players from another parish will be added to our roster if they don't have enough players to form their own team. 

Rules seminar 
- all JUNIOR league players and a parent must attend a rules seminar.  (Yes, even if you went last year.  It is mandatory every year as a refresher!).  

Frequently Asked Questions

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