Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration normally take place?
Registration normally occurs in September.


When do we find out what team my child is on?
Late November.


When does the season usually start?
Very early January.


When does the season usually end?
Mid to late March. However, for teams in 4th grade and above, your team may qualify for a post-season tournament, which may continue play into early or even late April.


How many games can we expect to play?
10-12 regular league games. Your coach may also elect to play in a pre-season tournament, and/or your team may qualify for post-season championship games.


When are matches played?
Usually on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays.


What are the minimum playing time requirements?
Coaches are encouraged to balance playing time equally amongst all players, though playing time may occassionally be limited for disciplinary reasons. The CYC minimum requirements are that each player shall be play a minimum of 25% (one-quarter) of each game.


What is a CYC player ID card, and who needs one?
A CYC ID card is a picture ID identifying the player. Its purpose to do ensure that all playes at a game are legitimate team players. Players at the 5th grade level and above, excluding Track & Field, are required to have a CYC ID card. Normally, the coach will keep the cards for all the players for the entire season, returning them at the end of the season. If obtained in the 5th grade, the card will be good through 8th grade, at least. The ID cards are fairly inexpensive (about $3.00). You are encouraged to obtain 2 cards. This will be helpful if your child plays in more than one sport at the same time, or if you lose one. Please see the Information page for a schedule of CYC ID sessions.


Can my child trade teams with another player?
Not normally. Any situation that might make a fair trade necessary needs to be personally handled by the Basketball Director prior to the start of the season.


How are the teams decided?
Teams are drawn from a hat for grades 3 and 4, split by ability grades 5-8. Initial split prior 5th grade season, teams re-evaluated prior to 7th grade season. An A team is established at each grade and remaining teams are formed as equally matched as possible per STPAA by-laws. Normally children of Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are placed on their parent’s team.


How can I become a coach?
Contact the Basketball Director.


What are the minimum and maximum number of players on a team?
Per the STPAA by-laws, the minimum is 8 and the maximum is 10.